Technical stuff

We regret to have very little information her yet.

Especially about the propellers, it would be very nice to have some sustainable facts, like materials, speed, dimensions, pitch, number of leaves, and most of all experienced pros and cons with different solutions. Please, share your knowledge with us on

Some data is mentioned on the page of the individual boats, like the Molly II and the Henrik Ibsen.

New hydraulic motor for a Baystar january 2015

Hydraulic motor being mounted


Ready to go

6 knots achieved, hurrah!

The plan is to have the most important information here, like dimensions of spare parts and where to get what if anything breaks down.


14/03/2016 00:38
If you remove the floorboards and the underfloor in the master bedroom at the back, you'll find something like this. There are six of these shallow compartments, built with small fiberglass walls to strengthen the floor and the hull that is very flat/weak in this section of the Baystar.The...