Complete list: Bought and operated by Emerald Star plus survivors

05/01/2015 00:00

The fleet as bought and operated was as follows – all Stars.

1975. Four boats, puller propellers:

  1. V59 Ballykeeran, (The Baystar with the wooden windows!)
  2. V60 Hodson,
  3. V61 Terryglass,
  4. V62 Rossmore (Now Molly II)

1976. Eight boats, puller propellers:

  1. T56 Dromineer (Now Lady Margareth)
  2. T63 Scarrif, (Now Maggie, at the bottom of Lough Ree))
  3.  T64 Youghal,
  4.  T84 Galey,
  5. T85 Elfeet,
  6. T86 Killenure,
  7. T87 Blackbrink,
  8. T88 Bantry.

1979. Six boats, puller propellers:

  1. P132 Mountshannon,
  2. P133 Carrowmore (Now Henrik Ibsen)
  3. P134 Carnagh Star, (Now Carna Bay)
  4. P135 Cloondavaun,
  5. P136 Kilgarvan (now Aisling)
  6. P137 Tinerana,

1980. Six boats with pusher propellers.

  1. N164 Cruit,
  2. N165 Ballybay,(now Realt Ealaithe)
  3.  N166 (Uncertain)?
  4. N167 Corroon,
  5. N168 Clooneigh (now Gina)
  6. N169 Erris

We still miss information on most of the connections between original Star-names and today's survivors' names.

Any contribution will be appreciated.