In the beginning...

23/11/2013 13:09

The Broom Baystars were the flagships of the Emerald Star Boat Renting Company in the late 1970-s and early 1980-s.

They were made by british Broom, and sold solely to the Emerald Star as rental boats for the Shannon. Only approx. 24 boats were made.

The model name was Baystar Aquafibre, length 36', beam 11', draft 3', airdraft 2,75m, standard engine Perkins 4236, 80hp, 2800 RPM max. They are later measured to a length of 38".

They are very practical river cruisers, good headroom all through at one level, large side entrance, fitted out with full size cooker, large fridge, two toilets and a bathroom, propeller (pull or push) powered by a 80 hp Perkins diesel via a very efficient hydraulic drive system.

The original cruiser boasted 7+2 beds and a maximum of 14 people being able to have their dinner in the main lounge at the same time.

There are only half of the presumably still existing Baystars that are registered by us. We are are non-commercial club of Baystar owners without any fees to register or be a member. We think it will increase the value and interest for these good old boats to know more abot them, so come on folks, give us some information on the few we are still missing, and you will be one of us.