14/03/2016 00:22

The master bedroom floor could be a hidden problem. There is just a few centimeters between the floorboards of the room and the actual hull. This space is strengthened by dividing the space into six different compartments with small walls between then, see photo.

The problem is that water is easily collected in these compartments, and the draining is inadequat. Hoses traverse the compartments, like the draning from the stairwell at the back, and leads water forward and into the keel from where it is pumped out by the ordinary bilge-pump. This system works as long as the inlet at the bottom of the stairwell is not blocked by leaves or other rubbish, but it does not drain the water collected from condensation, spillage over the edge of hatches at the back etc and gather under the floor.

Remedy: An automatic bilge pump mounted on the lowest spot here.